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When a loved-one dies, we don't know how to feel, we don't know how to react and we don't know how to behave.     "Ten Things You Need To Know About Dealing With Death" is a quick and easy description of ten simple "Rules" that guide you through the grieving process, in the immediate aftermath of a death, in a practical and sometimes humorous way.


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Essential Reading on the rapid rise of ISIS and how it will influence global organised crime. Da'esh / ISIS / ISIL / Islamic State is the biggest threat to world security for generations. Published: Paperback – Special Edition, March 12, 2015

The Essential Guide to winning in litigation

Litigation is a blood sport, a gladiatorial contest.

Each side names its champions who are ordered to fight to the death. The champions, outside the case, may be friends or, at least, not hostile to each other. In the combat arena, they are bound, by contract, custom and professional etiquette, to use all means - within the bounds of the law, the Rules of Court and professional conduct - to achieve the best result possible for their client.

Litigation is brutal. But it is also full of finesse and strategy. It is as much a mind game as a fight game.


  Nigel Morris-Cotterill turns his hand, his consummate story telling, and his wicked sense of humour, to fiction and satire. Nothing is safe from his eagle-eyed observation and biting wit. What do you do when you are out for a meal and things don't go quite right? In "Enjoy! The Time Travellers' Guide to Eating Out. Repeatedly," there is a solution. The results are both hilarious and, often, unexpected.


As of 9th May 2021, this title is no longer available in paperback or e-book.

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Published 27 October 2015

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The internet is not a thing, it is not a place, it is not a person.

The internet, of itself, does nothing. It performs no function.

The internet does not form intent. It has no conscience.

The internet is like the pipes in a domestic plumbing system.

Essential Reading for money laundering and financial crime practitioners

The avoidance of fraud and money laundering in your organisation

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

First edition: 1996

Second edition: 1998

Second edition reprint ebook: 2010

Second edition reprint paperback: 2011