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Forthcoming events

Financial Crime Risk Officers - Foundation Course 

Money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions risk management for FinTech companies 

Financial Crime Risk and Crypto-Assets: the essential information

US sanctions risk for non-US companies

The courses listed above are written by and presented by Nigel Morris-Cotterill, the financial crime risk strategist.

Morris-Cotterill has provided advice, assistance and education to many of the world's largest financial concerns, to commercial entities - and some of the tiniest participants in the financial arena.

Formerly a solicitor in private practice, he started his financial crime risk consultancy in 1994 when major law firms and accountancy practices dismissed the area as holding little interest. He has long been an outspoken critic of financial crime control measures which tend to focus on compliance and measurement and less on results. His insights are always on point and are often years, sometimes even decades, ahead of many so-called "thought leaders." He rejects the application, to him, of that description - and those such as "expert" or "guru" - for, he says, the simple reason that he will never stop learning.

Morris-Cotterill is the author of several books on money laundering and other financial crime related topics, a self-help guide to dealing with the death of a close relative or friend and a short work of fiction. For details of his work, see www.countermoneylaundering.com. For details of the courses mentioned above, please complete the contact form.

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