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Forthcoming events

Intermediate / Advanced Course

Jakarta 6th December 2018

Money laundering, etc. and sanctions risks for FinTech companies

Duration: One day

Language: English

Format: Seminar

Venue: South Jakarta

Cost: GBP175 (UK VAT not applicable for non EU customers).

Money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery, corruption, fraud, sanctions. For millions of people and businesses around the world, these things are more interesting on TV than in real life. But increasingly they are relevant to businesses that have direct or indirect involvement in life of money. Companies that develop services that rival those of banks or insurance brokers or car dealers or jewellery shops and many more are caught up in a ripple effect that means they are caught in a pincer movement: governments want them to be regulated and criminals want to use them. This seminar helps you to get to the issues and explains the risks.


This course presumes knowledge of basic principles relating to money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery, corruption and sanctions awareness and risk management. It is recommended that delegates first take our foundation course.

This course does not deal with specific law and regulation in a country. It is a principles not law based course.

This course focusses on the specific risks that are faced by the market segment known as "FinTech" and how (globally) regulators view companies and their obligations and how criminals aim to use FinTech services for criminal purposes.

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