20210614 The place of unthought thoughts.: Page 2 of 15

20210614 The place of unthought thoughts.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill


Today I'm writing about white holes, "The Place of Unthought Thoughts."

This is not unknown unknowns, it's about the things we know about but don't want to know more about, where our quest for understanding reaches the end of our willingness to enquire.

If books, etc. can have "out-takes" this is one of mine, a section that ended up on the cutting room floor, so to speak.

This BLOG/cast includes part of my research into suspicion but didn’t find its way into the book or the courses. It is highly relevant as it explains some of the background to the research and some of the thinking that went into the final (for now) product.

There is no secret as to the location of the place of unthought thoughts.

Imagine four identical but differently coloured circles. Each has a title: maths, physics, biology, chemistry. Spread them out. You can see each subject as a discrete area of interest. Plants and animals, the interaction between substances, the effect of force on an object and.. maths which underpins calculations and tabulation of results in the other three and is a useful discipline in its own right forming, as it does, much of the fundamentals of logic.

Now move them so that they fit in a square 1.5 times the dimensions of your circles, each close to its own corner and touching two sides of the square. In the middle, you’ll see that all four overlap.

You might remember that if you were to use three coloured filters with red, yellow and blue that an area of overlap would be white. That’s because the filters remove the primary colours from the spectrum and, if you take out the three primary colours, there is nothing left to mix to create the others. Actually, because we are using four colours and you are choosing them, it won’t really be white but as this is all happening in your imagination, you can imagine that the area of overlap is white.

It’s that white area that we are interested in: the area that is within all of the circles but somehow is treated as outside them all, an exclusion, not an inclusion, zone.

It is in this area that, if we think the unthought thoughts, we find the hard questions, the questions that maths, physics, biology and chemistry cannot answer. The reason is simple: for every supposed answer, there is another series of questions.

Those questions are always the same: when, where, who, what, (w)how.

We know those questions: they appear in all areas of life and, of course, in relation to investigations of one sort or another.

But they don’t appear there by accident: they appear there because they are the fundamental uncertainties present in the human condition.

Is it only a human condition?