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20210211 Of Bulls and Bias.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

Hello and welcome to The Financial Crime Risk and Compliance blogcast with me, Nigel Morris-Cotterill.

This episode is published the 11 February 2021.

It is available in text on my blog at www.countermoneylaundering.com and as a blogcast at financialcrimebroadcasting.com

In this episode:

1 Goodbye Rat. Hello Bull.

2. OFAC’s fuzzy logic

3. [un] conscious bias : it looks simple but it isn’t.

4. How to not make a fortune.

5. Corruption as explained to Sherlock Holmes.

6. The last word on rats and bulls.

Corruption as explained to Sherlock Holmes

I promised a short extract from Sherlock Holmes about corruption. So here it is: it’s from the not very short story ″The Valley of Fear.″ It describes a man named McGinty, a powerful businessman, councillor and fearsome leader of an organised crime group which had taken over the lodge of The Order of Freemen,″ a thin disguise if there ever was one.

″He had a rough, jovial disposition which formed a mask, covering a great deal which lay behind it. But apart from this popularity, the fear in which he was held..was enough in itself to fill his bar for none could afford to neglect his goodwill.

″Besides those secret powers which it was universally believed he exercised in so pitiless a fashion, he was a high public official, a municipal councillor and a commissioner of roads, elected to the office through the votes of the ruffians who in turn expected to receive favours at his hands.

″Assessments and taxes were enormous; the public works were neglected, the accounts were slurred over by bribed auditors and the decent citizen was terrorised into paying public blackmail and holding his tongue lest some worst thing befall him.

″Thus it was that, by that year, Boss McGinty’s diamond pins became more obtrusive, his gold chains more weighty across a more gorgeous vest and his saloon stretched farther and farther until it threatened to absorb one whole side of the Market Square.″

And that’s it: one more gong hei fatt choi; and may the bull be with you.


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