20210211 Of Bulls and Bias.

20210211 Of Bulls and Bias.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

Hello and welcome to The Financial Crime Risk and Compliance blogcast with me, Nigel Morris-Cotterill.

This episode is published the 11 February 2021.

It is available in text on my blog at www.countermoneylaundering.com and as a blogcast at financialcrimebroadcasting.com

In this episode:

1 Goodbye Rat. Hello Bull.

2. OFAC’s fuzzy logic

3. [un] conscious bias : it looks simple but it isn’t.

4. How to not make a fortune.

5. Corruption as explained to Sherlock Holmes.

6. The last word on rats and bulls.

1 Goodbye Rat. Hello Bull.

Gong Hei Fatt Choi . It’s the Cantonese greeting for Chinese New Year. I can’t pronounce Mandarin, nor, for that matter, almost any language that isn’t developed from Greco-Latin. And I can’t pronounce Greek or Latin, either.

As a greeting, it is more often interpreted than translated. It is widely taken as the equivalent of ″I wish you a happy and prosperous year to come.″

After the Rat year, I don’t know anyone that isn’t looking forward to the Bull kicking the Rat out of its house.

That starts tonight, when across the world Chinese families meet for the ″Reunion Dinner.″

But not this year. Travel bans, lockdowns or, at least, restrictions on the location and size of family gatherings means that, as has happened with every religious and social festival for the past year, celebrations will be at best muted and at worst absent. For many families, it is likely that their last chance to see elderly relatives will have been cruelly taken away from them, just as it has from so many thousands over the past year.

But the Year of the Bull, also known as Ox and Metal Ox, is supposed to be very different from the Rat. Calmer, more plodding, benign but strong, taking a longer-term view but always making positive progress. Less destructive.

We’ll see.