20200301 The ideas of March.

20200301 The ideas of March.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

Romans blamed "The Ides of March" for the all kinds of things, mostly unpleasant. English myth talks about "mad March hares" which run around, aimlessly, in fields where they would normally hide.

But we can think of March as the month where we will see the first signs of spring (at least those of us above the equator can), half way from the longest night to the longest day and with shoots appearing and the first lambs of the season.

So, March is also a time of renewal - and perfect for fresh ideas, hence "The Ideas of March."

Let's start with the fallacy of economics. one of the fundamental problems in economies is that we have gone from a pyramid where companies have a broader production base than managerial structure. Now everyone who comes into a business seems to expect to walk into middle management. So who's making the stuff that companies want to sell?

We, as a global society, regard degrees as a measure of success of our status, as an advanced or even developed economy. But they are not; the ability of people to invent and make things is what drives solid, reliable economies. Instead, we have told vast numbers of ordinary people that they are too good to be plumbers, bricklayers, carpenters, car mechanics, the screwers-on-of-knobs in factories and allowed them to price themselves out of the market. So they are cheap in offices and older people are more expensive: cost not value is the primary criterion in so many businesses today.