Financial Crime Risk Strategies

Financial Crime Risk Strategies

The pace at which legislation and regulation is pumped out by authorities around the world is truly staggering and for international businesses there is, simply, little or no hope of keeping on top of all the compliance matters it raises.

But worse, many of the new laws and regulations change, often increasing, the legal risks to which relevant businesses are subjected.

My first involvement with money laundering law and regulation, in 1994, was to read, understand, segregate simple compliance matters from risk management issues and prepare reports based on what I found.

Ever since, I have read new and proposed new laws and regulations and produced critical analysis of the documents with a view to ensuring that the transition to the new compliance regime is generates as little disruption as possible but also that new legislative and regulatory risks are made known.

This is not consultancy or an advisory service: it is a documentary analysis drawn against a wide background knowledge which is often at odds with the official version of events, cutting through PR and management-speak and producing a blunt analysis of what the documents reveal and the risks that will arise in the future.

You can commission, from me, a report on any law or regulation, in English, to highlight its compliance and regulatory impact and risks.

Complete the form here: , set out your requirements, and I'll get back to you with a proposed time-scale for delivery and an estimate of the cost of the work to be done.