Financial Crime Risk Management : In-house Education

Financial Crime Risk Management : In-house Education

There is a world of difference between training and education.

Right from the beginning of counter-money laundering requirements being placed on banks in relation to drugs trafficking, regulators placed an emphasis on both training and awareness.

Training is easy: it's so easy, that my group of companies doesn't do face to face training as such - we leave that to our e-learning platform at To borrow and abuse a term from computing, e-learning allows us to write once, but for the content to be read by many.

But when it comes to education, to the awareness aspects of what you and your people need to know, that's where face to face works best.

And I've been doing it since 1994.

Awareness is far more than learning and being able to recite the law and regulation: that's the tick-box stuff that other providers argue is sufficient. Awareness is about understanding what it is that you and your people are required to do and why, it's about understanding the nature of the obligations that the law, regulations and even society place on you. But even more importantly, it's about understanding what criminals do and why, why people within companies behave as they do and why. My seminars elevate the education your team gets far about the ordinary.

There are almost no major financial institutions anywhere in the English-speaking world whose compliance, risk management and/or other staff have not attended a seminar I have presented. And there are many more who have arranged translators. I will travel (almost) anywhere or, if you wish, you can arrange an off-site for relevant attendees.

My seminars are unashamedly intellectual, high-level, challenging on many levels.

There is nothing simple about what I say because there is nothing simple about what you do.

My primary purpose is to widen the perspective that you and your people adopt so as to better understand the risks you face on a daily basis and to help you manage those risks so that you and your people are safer than you would be with "normal" training. My secondary purpose is to help main boards and non-executive directors to understand why compliance and risk managers need their full support and, incidentally, how failure to provide it could land them in jail.

If you want "training" on law and regulation for the main body of your staff, then buy our e-learning - but be aware that even that is very advanced compared to other providers. With our e-learning, your staff will be challenged and tested so as to best protect your organisation.

If you really want to think on a higher plane, fill in the contact form and I'll get back to you.