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Financial Crime Forum Limited

We list below some of the towns in which we have held events, in most cases on multiple occasions since 1998.

We are The Financial Crime Forum. It's the name of our company and it's the brand under which we or Group companies have operated since 1998. Over the years, we have come across a number of event organisers who have used our brand in the title of their events.

If you are invited to speak at or attend any event which incorporates the expression "Financial Crime Forum" and which is not listed on this website, it is an imposter event and you are recommended to have no dealings with its organisers.

During the migration of this and other Group websites to new servers and a new platform, certain features are not fully operational. This includes the menu system for each section of the website and the migration of content is particularly slow for some sites. Also, you can find out about in-house courses presented by Nigel Morris-Cotterill at www.countermoneylaundering.com.

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