Seminar: Financial Crime, the blockchain and KYC

Seminar: Financial Crime, the blockchain and KYC

The current fascination with all things "blockchain" introduces a risk for financial crime risk officers. While the blockchain, as a part of a suite of technologies that work together can provide certain forms of security, there is a flip-side. The same security protocols that protect digital assets can obscure information that FCROs would ordinarily expect to have as part of their routine KYC data.

In this seminar, we will look at various aspects of blockchain-related issues and the benefits and risks they pose and how FCROs might deal with them.

This seminar follows on from the article "The blockchain and what financial crime risk officers need to know"

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Format: Seminar


This course focusses on emergent technologies known as "the blockchain" and "distributed ledger" and the risks that they present to financial crime practitioners in relation to KYC/CDD, account monitoring and related issues.

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One day course presented in English.

Level: Intermediate / advanced.