World Money Laundering Report Volume 11 No. 6 published 4 December 2012

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WMLR_New_Content What's happened to Destiny Multipurpose Cooperative Society?

The website of Bangladesh's Destiny Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd (Destiny Co-op) wants its customers to wait while the site is updated. But it's a bit more complicated than they say. First, the banking regulator, Bangladesh Bank, says that the company has been operating outside its authorisation - and that's the least of the problems.

WMLR_New_Content 419 scam launderer convicted - but he didn't commit the fraud

R v Peter Oyewor (2012) will probably never hit the law reports. It's a small case in a small court in a small town. But it's a startlingly important case for money laundering risk officers for both prosecutors and defence lawyers.

WMLR_New_Content Prime Bank Schemes back in vogue?

Prime Bank Schemes, along with standby letters of credit scams were a big feature of the 1980s and 1990s but fell out of favour, in part it seems because there were easier and quicker ways of extracting money from victims. Both the Prime Bank and the Standby Letters of Credit scheme require a more sophisticated - and generally more wealthy - victim than the more common advance fee fraud cases.

WMLR_New_Content Afghan takeaway used airline food trays

Regular readers have come to expect headlines that obliquely, and hopefully humorously, reference a serious issue. There are few more serious than those revealed by a report by Afghanistan's anti-corruption agency into the failure, rescue and conduct of Kabul Bank.

WMLR_New_Content How banks lost GBP49 million to two fraudsters in a mortgage con

The two men behind the UK's biggest mortgage fraud - at least the biggest for which proceedings have been taken - included the purchase of a cowshed and an abandoned air base.

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