World Money Laundering Report Volume 11 Number 4 published 23 August 2012

World Money Laundering Report Volume 11 Number 4
Published 23 August 2012

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WMLR_New_Content English solicitors get a get out of jail free card - ish.

The Law Society of England and Wales has for more than a decade fought a rearguard action against the application of counter-money laundering regulations to its members. But it's not all good news.

WMLR_New_Content Ridiculously complicated pump and dump / ponzi scheme: clever or dumb?

What seems to be just another pump and dump scheme turns out to have potential repercussions across the whole financial sector.

WMLR_New_Content Pfizer / Wyeth paid backhanders in Eastern Europe / China.

In this month of sporting excellence, a back-hander is more often to be regarded as a particular way of hitting a ball in a racquet sport. But that's not the kind of racket Pfizer and Wyeth were involved in and their backhanders were not the same thing at all.

WMLR_New_Content US v Standard Chartered : Lawsky's grandstanding is because he can't make a company do the perp walk.

WMLR_New_Content RBS cannot be ambushed like Standard Chartered was. But Commerzbank is exposed.

WMLR_New_Content N Y Post is Lazy, Rubbish, Biased and Frankly Irresponsible.

Three stories look at different aspects of the USA's attacks on foreign banks.

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