Vortex Centrum Publishers beta tests"The News WIthout The Crap"

January 2013. Vortex Centrum Ltd, the publishing company of The Anti Money Laundering Network, has put into beta test a human edited news aggregation service.

News aggregators are, generally, indiscriminate. They weight their results based on how often a story appears.

The editors at www.chiefofficers.net and www.bankinginsurancesecurities.com decided that the fact that a piece appears in near-identical form in many newspapers diminishes its value, not enhances it.

What, they thought, if we found articles, published by other periodicals, that are well written, individual pieces, designed to explain rather than just grab profile for the sake of an internet search?

And so they spent about half-an-hour and came up with a concept. Ten stories that would, in time, be seen to have been very influential. The stories would be, the editors, decided, the ten stories everyone should read that day.

It needed name. "Describe it," someone said." Another said "it's the news without the crap."

When some clever people sit in a room, adopt a can-do attitude, it's surprising what they can do. 30 minutes later, they had a mock up of their planned service running on a local PC. Four hours later, having worked on the design so it suits phones and tablets, it was posted to the internet.

Two hours after that, a few people were telling their friends of friends about it. Over the next hours, it was populated with stories and more designs mods and features added.

Two days later it was picking up visitors 24 hours per day, indexed on search engines (despite not being registered with them) and it was being talked about.

So that's it: from concept to job done in less than three days.


Try it. It's not crap.