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On this page, you will find our Group privacy and cookie policies which, depending on the specific site may be varied by addition, substitution or subtraction of terms.


We will never disclose your details to any 3rd party. Your information is kept strictly within our Group. Within the Group, we share data across companies. We do not under any circumstances whatsoever share our data (including mailing lists) with anyone else. The only limitation on this absolute guarantee is that we must release information when required to do so by reason of a Court Order or other lawful authority.

Tracking visitors:

Visitors to these sites are recorded by their IP address and tracked while visiting each site individually. As part of our security and management systems we have a record of the server from which you came, the type of browser and operating system you use. The information we have does not enable us to identify any individual visitor EXCEPT that certain services require registration in which case we do know who you are and certain services require cookies that detail your visits to those services. Advertisers including but not limited to Google may place a cookie on your computer for the purposes of recording your visits. There are several reasons for this including recording commissions due to us for referrals from our sites.

Data Protection:

We access and use information internationally. All data is accessible to our staff from anywhere in the world. We may download that data onto other computers and work on it remotely. Our data is archived in the UK. Some information is archived in other jurisdictions, for example Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Mailing lists

All of our mailing lists are built up from those with whom we have had direct dealings or those who have signed up. Some mailing lists are double opt-in, meaning that you must first sign up and then confirm your consent to receive mail. Others, particularly those built up from direct contact in person or via internet services such as LinkedIn, do not require double opt-in but each mail contains an unsubscribe control which will remove your data from the active lists but will retain, in a "do not contact" list, your e-mail address so that we can be sure that you will not be added to a list in the future. You may unsubscribe from one list or all from lists which we operate.

Note: mailing lists are not the same as notifications you may receive as a result of your membership of a specific web site service such as . Your control over those notifications, which include but are not limited to your "subscription" to new content notifications for a publication or a specific subject area, is managed, by you, from your membership area in that site.

Cookie Policy:
Group Policy re Cookies.

If you do not agree to our use of cookies in accordance with this policy, you must leave this site immediately. By continuing to browse, or returning to, our sites you are deemed to agree to our use of cookies.

We do not use cookie data for marketing or any other purpose. You may, after leaving our site, delete any cookies it has placed on your computer without any adverse effect. See your browser's Help file for details of how to do this.

You may block cookies from any of our sites (except e-learning: see below) with no adverse effect.

We place cookies on your computer, phone or other device to facilitate your user experience.

For non-registered users the cookies record your last visit but do not identify you or your network.

For registered users, cookies record your visits to enable us to identify how members use our sites. The site visits are recorded in our database. Because you have registered, it is possible to cross-refer cookie data to the database. However, the most common use for cookies is for you to access the site without having to log in each time you visit.

We do record (independently of cookies) the IP addresses of visitors in order to aid in our security processes and we are able to manually cross-reference those to records of page visits to enable us to block IP addresses of malicious visitors.

We do not use tracking or persistent cookies.

Special conditions re Quick To Learn More AML/CFT e-learning system

Cookies are used in conjunction with your login data to record your progress and to return you to the last viewed page. The cookies are a back-up because the same data is recorded in your training record. In this way, cookie data can be cross-referenced to you for administration purposes in your training course. You can delete cookie data from your computer or other device after logging out and our system will still remember the last training page you visited. However, you will need to have cookies active during each training session or the system will not know which page to serve next. The data controller for your information within those sites is your e-learning administrator, it is not us, even though we hold the data. That data does include personal identifiers as provided by your administrator so as to track and record your progress and results. Any requests as to that data should be addressed to your e-learning administrator.

Special notes re advertisements

We serve advertisements from several companies and reputable advertising networks such as Google Adsense, and Linkshare, amongst others . We have no control over the creation and use of cookies by those third parties.

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