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The Anti Money Laundering Network is an international group of companies.

Our holding company is in Hong Kong and we have commercial operations in the UK and Hong Kong. We have representation in many countries around the world.

We provide consultancy, risk assessment and management, information services, face to face training, e-learning, high level Fora and other services in relation to money laundering, terrorist financing, other financial crime such as fraud, corruption and organised crime for financial services, commercial concerns and governments.

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World Money Laundering Report Volume 13 Number 2


World Money Laundering Report Volume 13 Number 2 World Money Laundering Report Volume 13 Number 2 is published 9 June 2014

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In this issue:

How not to be a money launderer & Sun Tzu and the Art of Litigation - reduced prices.

It's a new year and you should be happy.

So smile! There's been a pricing change on my two current books, How not to be a money launderer and Sun Tzu and the Art of Litigatation

Information for Nigel Morris-Cotterill's LinkedIn Contacts


I'm Nigel Morris-Cotterill, one of your contacts at LinkedIn. I'm Head, The Anti Money Laundering Network and I find LinkedIn to be full of "noise" from hundreds of "likes" of jobs, magazine articles, puzzles and games. And then there's the personal stuff which would be better placed on a social media site . By the time I plough through the junk that LinkedIn itself plants on my page, far too much of my time has been spent for no good reason and I lose interest in reading it. And if I'm mobile, the time that is valuable v the time that is wasted is heavily into negative territory.

And I'm quite sure you have exactly the same reaction.

So this is my solution......

Amazon Countdown features How not to be a money launderer by Nigel Morris-Cotterill

Guy Fawkes Special: Bonfires, fireworks, sticky treacle toffee - and the revolutionary book that changed money laundering compliance into money laundering risk management - 17 years ago!

For 48 hours only starting on 5 November 2013, How Not To Be A Money Launderer is available in e-book format from Amazon.Com and Amazon.Co.UK in the "Countdown" format.

Starting with a discount of more than 80% on day one, the price increases until 48 hours later it's back to the full price of USD9.99/GBP6.99.

So, to get the book for as little as USD/GBP1.99 don't delay.

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